Coffee Conversation

Coffee Conversation

Choose a moment of inspiration

Your creativity is going to flow whn you take time for yourself.That's why having a coffee conversation can be so valuable. During a coffie conversation in a relaxed environment you'll may talk about any topic. Let go off all daily thoughts and enjoy a good conversation.

Fix chaos and experience space in your mind

Talk about what is occupying your mind with someone who is really listening to you without fixed targets. Within an hour you'll have a clear view and you know better what you can and what you are able to manage. You really feel supported. In this way you create space in your head and creativity flows more easily.

You regain your inner power


Experience the meaning of sincere attention

Coffee Conversation* by appointment
An opportunity to get acquainted with me and my way of work before you start the process.
Price €30 per 30 minutes

*1 Coffee Conversation per person

E. Mahler-Hoogers
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