persoonlijke coaching

To whom

elder Beeld Personal Coaching is a place for managers and entrepreneurs who want to use their creative free mind and intuition to get more satisfaction out of their actions.

Do you recognise this....

  • You like a creative and unexpected approach

  • you have an alacrity to step out of inherent attitudes

  • you have already done a lot of processes and self-consciousness

  • je wil resultaatgericht werken aan jezelf en hoe jij jezelf presenteert
    you want to work results orientated. for yourself and the way how you present yourself

  • You like carefulness

  • you have affinity with images and colours

  • You want :

  • to get out of your dilemma or impasse situation

  • to get in touch with you rendition

  • to integrate your hearts desire in your work and in your life

  • to be heard and to be seen in that

  • you want to consult an equal worthy intrlocutor

  • steady as a rock in the surf


    appointment already within 10 days

    Dilemma Coaching
    Impasse Coaching
    Desire of your Heart

    Individual consult: €90 / hour
    Relation consult: €150 / hour

    Edith Mahler-Hoogers
    Call me06 262 50 700
    Consultations by Skype/FaceTime are possible

    Why you choose for Helder Beeld Personal Coaching

    • Customisation, because you are unique and you are in a unique situation

    • Sincere attention and understanding

    • Result orientated and a very practival approach

    • You want to regain your flow

    • Consultations by Skype/FaceTime are possible