persoonlijke coaching

Desire of your hart

Take your place on your stage
Because there you'll get the appreciation and understanding what you deserve.

You are unique and you have a lot to offer. Therefore I invite you to take your space.

By following your heart's desire you enter your stage. You deploy your core qualities, you work in flow. This hall is filled with your audience. filled with persons who appreciate your added value.

In your quest for support and more apprciation you entered this site. That's good, I enjoy to support you to gain a clear view of your great passion. If you are introverted I'll guide you to your spedific state. By this guidance you will surpass shame and stage fear.

This will be replaced by self-confidence and power.

it's your audience

Vulnerability becomes Strength

Easier said than done because repetitive themes withhold you from your spiritual pathway. Their associated attitueds are causing you to repeat what you want to get rid of. It seems impossible to break through your impasse. That is exactly the reason why you need a professional.

With Helder Beeld personal coaching you will get a clear view on your unconscious attitudes and their consequences. A personal attuned core work roadmap will clearify why you adherethis impasse and it will provide handles to step out.

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Tara, Goddess of liberation

Tara means she who liberates, she who guides us into daily life on earth. The GreenTara is the mother of compassion, help and support, a star guiding us to the other shore.

She is depicting streaming water and helps us to express feelings and emotions and they stay start and fixed in our body.